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Electronic Parts Catalog with parts information for all Daimler vehicles from 2010 to the present.
Everything you need to use the site effectively. Technical requirements explain the plugins necessary to use the site, such as WIS-net requires Java Webstart.

Q : How much is a subscription to CV TekInfo?
A : The cost of subscribing is: $60 per day; $160 per week; $289 per month; and $3098 for a one-year subscription.
Q : I work on vans all the time. I am not with a dealership, nor am I a technician. Why can't I get in-depth vehicle repair instruction via email or over the phone?
A : Although we do our best to help customers via CV TekInfo there are some repairs that must be referred to your local Daimler dealer. Some repairs are only possible where direct contact with the issues on the particular car can be addressed. Please work with your local Daimler dealer to resolve individual repair issues with your car.
Q : Why are documents (other than in PDF format) cut off on the right side when I print them?
A : When this problem appears, set print properties to landscape and set the left- and right-page margins to 0.4 inches. If your printer is capable of printing legal paper, simply change to landscape layout.
Q : Why can't I get collision measurements on your site?
A : Daimler collision repair procedures are very specific concerning the type of equipment used in the repair and reconditioning of bodies following a collision. Daimler collision repair procedures require that vehicles requiring structural repairs or major tensioning forces (pulling) be repaired on a Daimler approved dedicated straightening bench.

In the process of evaluating repair practices, vehicles are crashed and repaired using various techniques including splicing in various areas, and then crashed again in order to identify the methods that best restore the vehicle to its original structural integrity. In the United States, the only companies marketing straightening equipment approved by Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC are Celette and Car Bench. Call the Daimler Standard Service Equipment Program (SSEP) 1-888-458-4040 for ordering instructions or see the web-based e-SSEP Catalog on this site.
Q : Why can't I use my Canadian credit card?
A : Unfortunately we are not able to accept non-US credit cards. Some of the technical information is U.S. government-regulated. We welcome you to contact Daimler Vans Canada for your needs.
Q : Where is the E-Tool Catalog?
A : Go to Daimler Special Tools and then click Special Tool Catalog.
Q : The CV Bulletin category cannot be filtered by group. Will this be changed?
A : You can use the search function to search for bulletins by group/subgroup. Select the type of bulletin you wish to see (Service Bulletin, Install, DTB, or others), then select the group. After the page refreshes the subgroup field allows you to select a valid subgroup for the group. Click Search and the results list will display.

Q : How do I get started with the site and the WIS-net application?
A : Please select the "About Site" menu option followed by "Tech Requirements" from the left menu. Click "JAVA Webstart" to download the appropriate plugin for viewing WIS-online. After installing the plugin please restart your browser and once again select the "WIS-net" link from the left menu bar.

There will be another download of approximately 4.8 Megabyte. When the software requires access to your PC please select the "START" button. WIS should now appear in a new window.

Please see also the Help Section of CV TekInfo for information on how to search for documents in WIS-net.
Q : Why doesn't the WIS application start? All I can see is a window asking me to download something, but even after downloading the file I cannot see WIS.
A : You have to download and install JAVA Webstart first. Select the Tech Requirements link from the left menu and select the JAVA Webstart Image. This will download JAVA Webstart to your PC. Double-click the downloaded file, wait for the installation to finish and restart your browser. Another download will begin. After this is completed a separate window will open and allow you to access WIS content.

 WEB ETM (CV Wiring)
Q : An instructional diagram for my vehicle only shows a four-cylinder engine and I need one for a six-cylinder?
A : When the procedure is the same for a four-cylinder engine of a similar type, the diagrams will often reflect just the four-cylinder. Follow the same procedures, but for your six cylinders.
Q : What if I can't see selected Wiring Diagrams?
A : Make sure you have downloaded AutoDesk Design Review. See the Technical Requirements link and double-click the AutoDesk Design Review icon.